Projector screen manufacturer Vutec Corporation has announced two different 2D/3D screens with either active or passive technology.

The patented SilverStar 2D/3D-A (active technology) is designed for active applications, while the SilverStar 2D/3D-P (passive technology) does passive.

The company says both screens are engineered for 2D and 3D capability and produce extra brightness, vivid colours, high contrast and wide viewing angles, which compensate for the light lost with 3D images.

The SilverStar 2D/3D-A and SilverStar 2D/3D-P allow home cinema users to reduce projector brightness levels while enjoying an immersive 3D viewing experience and being more energy efficient. Brightness levels can be reduced further while viewing in 2D when the projector can be run in economy mode, saving energy and increasing bulb life.

Howard Sinkoff, chief executive of Vutec, said, "We have placed an emphasis on research and development to help improve the advancement of 3D screen technology currently offered."

SilverStar 3D is being offered in both custom and standard sizes, and multi-plexed for large applications. Available in Vision X and Vutec brands, the screen is also available in flat or curved versions.

Vutec Corporation, based in Florida, has been designing and manufacturing award-winning projection screens and AV accessories since 1977.