Vivitek's Qumi Q5 LED pocket projector has been described as perfect for "work, travel or play" in a recent review.

Island Packet gave Vivitek's smallest ever projector a rave review, praising it for its compatibility, portability and cost efficiency.

The manufacturer boasts that the Qumi Q5 is the first pocket projector to be 3D-ready via DLP Link - a claim supported by technology writer Gregg Ellman, who also praised the projector's ease of use.

As the Qumi Q5 projects digital content stored in almost any device including smartphones, tablets, laptops or directly from video or still digital cameras, the LED projector is entirely user-friendly.

Ellman was also impressed with the DLP lamp-free projector's life expectancy, which reportedly totals 10,000 hours without a loss of light and 30,000 hours overall.

According to Island Packet, one of the Vivitek's Qumi Q5 LED pocket projector's key selling points is its size. At 10.2cm deep and 16cm wide, it is quite literally pocket-sized. The striking colour options on offer make this both the smallest and the most stylish projector on the market.

What's more, the Qumi Q5 can be connected to a device through a number of connections including Av-in, HGMI and USB input, making it perfect for use on-the-go, whether it be in a conference room or outside home cinema.