Vivitek reveals new portable projectors

Vivitek has added two new portable projectors to its range of products.

The manufacturer announced the launch of the Vivitek Qumi Q7 Plus ultraportable projector and the Qumi Q4 pocket projector.

Vivitek has now completed its Qumi Series of pocket and personal projectors thanks to the two new devices it has produced.

Portable projectors are becoming a popular choice due to the fact they can be transported easily and they tend to be very lightweight.

Holger Graeff, general manager at Vivitek EMEA, said: "With the Qumi Q4 and Q7 Plus, Vivitek is now offering a complete line of ultraportable and pocket projectors specifically designed to fit with any business and personal needs.

"The Qumi Series is a true compilation of technology to offer all the key features that fit with the current lifestyle: mobility, versatility, display quality, compatibility with almost all multimedia devices."

Vivitek revealed that its Qumi Q7 Plus, Q7 Lite and Q5 projectors include features such as an embedded internet browser and offer Wi-Fi capabilities via an optional USB dongle to boost connectivity options for users.

The Qumi Q7 Plus providers 1000 ANSI lumens of brightness while the Qumi Q4 and Q5 deliver 500 ANSI lumens of brightness with a contrast ratio of 30,000:1.

All of the products in Vivitek's range use an LED light source that gives up to 30,000 hours of operation time, which the company says is enough to enjoy more than 10,000 movies or to project years of presentations and pictures.

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