Vivitek's Qumi pico projector has been hailed for offering capabilities not often seen is devices of its size.

The Qumi boasts a range of features designed to make it one of the most attractive pocket projectors on the market. A 30,000 hour lamp life and a possible screen size of 90 inches from distances of one to three metres are just some of the gadget’s attractions.

It also manages an impressive brightness output of 3,000 Lumens and a contrast ratio of 2,500:1, which should give a good quality picture display, especially for a pocket projector.

Furthermore, the manufacturers have considered the fact that this projector is designed to be used on the move. As such, it has its own build in operating system, so can display images directly from a memory stick or card without the use of compute inbetween.

The device is HD compatible, 3D ready, has a built-in speaker and weighs in at 617g. As well as functioning easily with memory sticks and cards, the Qumi will also connect instantly to digital cameras, laptops, tablets, smartphones and other devices often used on the go.

The Vivitek Qumi goes on sale on the high street from August this year.