Vivitek has launched a portable LED projector that boasts the ability to throw a widescreen image of up to 90 inches.

The Q2 is part of Vivitek's new Qumi line of LED-based pocket projectors with 3D capability. While it may not be as small as some pocket projectors on the market, at 160 x 100 x 32mm it is still very portable and would comfortably fit into a bag or briefcase. Weighing in at just 617g, it is also lightweight and easy to carry around.

However, the Q2's big selling point is that unlike many other portable projector models, it offers good resolution and brightness. It has an HD-ready WXGA resolution (720p), a contrast ratio of 2500:1 and 300 lumens with a lamp life of 30,000 hours.

Despite its small size, the Q2 is capable of producing a widescreen image measuring up to 90 inches, which makes it ideal for gaming and watching films. It is also a useful projector to have for business as it can display Word, Excel, PowerPoint and pdf files.

Vivitek's general manager for EMEA, Holger Graeff, described Qumi projectors as "the ideal companion for people on the go".

"It can connect to smart phones, tablets and laptops, showing a multitude of different content in sharp contrast and brilliant colours," he said.