Vivitek Introduces Brand New NovoConnect Solutions

Vivitek has added two new products to its popular NovoConnect Solutions range, which has been specially designed to improve collaboration in meetings using wireless technology.

The NovoConnect presentation and collaboration system enhances meetings by nurturing productivity and efficiency. Designed with flexibility in mind, the system allows the whole meeting room to stay connected at the same time, while removing the need for expensive network upgrades.

The NovoEnterprise and LauncherPlus devices build on this technology, providing additional capabilities to further enhance the meeting room or conference environment.

The NovoEnterprise plays a key role in this, acting as a base unit that guarantees optimal connection and WiFi performance regardless of demand. Built to deliver flawless images of full-HD quality, the product even allows users to stream video of up to 1080p (60fps) from a mobile device.

Designed for simple plug-and-play use, the LauncherPlus is another significant addition to the NovoConnect lineup. Using this brand-new product, businesses can ensure participants’ laptops and handheld devices are wirelessly connected to the main unit within seconds, helping to boost efficiency and professionalism.

The LauncherPlus is also ideal for use with visiting guests, offering a driver-free solution that leaves no trace on laptops when disconnected. Additionally, the device enhances security by providing an ad-hoc wireless connection that prevents guests from accessing the main business network.

When combined, the NovoConnect products offer a range of further benefits that can enhance meetings in both business and education settings. Specifically, LauncherPlus allows the NovoEnterprise to display up to four screens simultaneously, while ensuring up to 64 users are ready to join in and instantly share in a matter of moments.

Annotation features also help to improve creativity and productivity, allowing instant annotation and easy file sharing for all in attendance.