For those who want a mid-range digital projector for use in a home cinema or in a work environment, the Vivitek H5080 is a good option.

The projector is larger and more highly designed than the cheaper models from the same manufacturer. However, at the same time it offers a more portable option than Vivtek's more expensive H9080FD model.

The H5080 has a glossy black finish and its central lens makes it an attractive option for those who want a slick piece of kit for the home. In addition to its high-design appearance, it also comes complete with three HDMIs, which is a pleasant surprise in a mid-priced projector. The device also includes two 12V trigger outputs, a D-Sub PC port, a component video input and RS 232 and USB control ports, allowing for easy systems integration.

The projector also offers some tailored options like the facility to swap the lens for a shorter or longer-range lens in order to ensure it suits the room it is being used in. This option is available at the point of purchase and the consumer simply pays the difference to swap the lenses.