The new Vivitek H5080 DLP projector has been cited as having the best picture quality of any projector in its sector, according to leading industry reviewers.

The pictures generated by the 1,600 ANSI lumen projector reduces the commonly problematic rainbow effect to the point of being invisible - an achievement almost unheard of in any single-chip DLP projector.

The model has a contrast ratio of 25,000:1 with a native resolution of 1,920 x 1,080. The designers of the model have fitted its impressive capabilities into a curved and streamlined projector that even manages to fit a set of lens shift controls beneath a flap at the top of the projector.

The H5080 also excels in its connectivity, boasting three HDMI ports as well as the customary component, composite, VGA and S-video inputs. The operational heat and noise output of the projector have been reduced to scarcely anything, and the heat generated has been specifically directed towards the back of the projector.

The projector can be operated by a comfortable and versatile remote control, which offers a plethora of picture options and easily understandable controls. The projector is able to throw 55-inch images from just seven feet away, and can operate from as close as 1.5 metres to as far as seven metres.