Projector manufacturer, Vivitek Corporation, has signed a partnership agreement with software developers Vioso GmbH, to incorporate Vioso’s Anyblend edge-blending software technology into Vivitek’s large-venue projectors.

The software will come to the fore in multiple projector set-ups of up to six Vivitek projectors, allowing them to create seamless, scalable high-resolution projection displays.

Vioso Anyblend is able to align and blend multiple projectors through the use of an additional camera, which achieves the task within minutes. The projectors only need to be connected to a PC of laptop equipped with Anyblend, and the application will be able to create the seamless pictures in no time.

Vioso’s chief executive, Benjamin Fritsch, said that the agreement would allow them to work with a company with huge vision for the future.

“At Vioso we were especially impressed with Vivitek’s future vision and roadmap,” he said. “Large-venue projection is a strategic competence for Vivitek and in our thorough joint product tests we were both excited about the quality solutions that we could jointly offer the market.”

Vivitek’s Holger Graeff added, “The partnership between Vivitek and Vioso will allow our authorised resellers to access not only first-class hardware, but also software solutions designed for creative use of front projection in various applications.”