While towering billboards have long been the most popular high-profile means of promoting a blockbuster film, the companies behind the upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man film are using projectors to build up anticipation for its release, in some pretty prominent positions.

The ‘guerrilla’ projector-based publicity campaign has been taking place in London this week, with huge red spiders projected on to very visible London locations including Covent Garden, Camden Town tube station, Shoreditch High Street and even the Houses of Parliament.

The projections have also been directing people to the website, theuntoldstorybegins.co.uk, where the exact subject of the campaign is still elusive, but the operators of the site – Marvel Comics, Sony Pictures and Columbia Pictures – are a dead giveaway that the campaign is about The Amazing Spider-Man.

Visitors to the site are invited to sign up to attend a mystery launch event being held on Monday, 6 February in London – but by the end of the weekend all of the tickets for the event had long been snapped up.

The Marc Webb-directed movie is due to be released on 3 July this year, and will see British actor, Andrew Garfield, pull on the spidey suit as the latest incarnation of the super hero. It will also star Emma Stone as Gwen Stacey, as well as Rhys Ifans, Martin Sheen and Sally Field.