ViewSonic has released three brand new education-tailored projectors on to the British market, each specifically enhanced for classroom use and small presentations.

The PJD 6 range – comprising the PJD6353, PJD6383 and PJD6683w projectors – is capable of projecting images of up to 90 inches in from a distance of as close as 1 metre.

The PJD6383 and PJD6683w projectors offer XGA and WXGA native resolutions, providing up to 3,000 lumens of brightness and capable of providing sharp and precise presentation delivering in large classrooms. The slightly smaller PJD6353 projector support an XGA resolution and 2,500 lumens of brightness, making it ideal for smaller classrooms.

All of the projectors are fitted with a presentation timer, which informs teachers of the remaining time for a presentation. They also all have AMX and Crestron Network support, and users will be able to remotely monitor and control the projectors using the embedded e-control.

The projectors have HDMI input interfaces, which support versatile connectivity between computers and other pieces of hardware, like video equipment, which allows for the projection of mid-level multimedia, animation, videos, images and – through the use of the projectors’ 10W built-in speaker – music as well.

The projectors became available in the UK at the beginning of June.