Renowned projector manufacturer ViewSonic has launched a new processor that will allow people to display 3D content and games in optimum quality from their range of 3D projectors.

The company has launched the VP3D1 processor, which can take 3D content and convert it into a format that can be displayed natively on their range of 3D projectors. The company has unveiled the model in advance of the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) trade show, where it will be showcasing its latest advancements in home entertainment.

The brand will be setting up the VP3D1 at the show alongside its PDJ8200 projector, to give industry experts a taste of the visual wonders the equipment will be capable of bringing into people's home cinemas.

European marketing manager at ViewSonic Europe, James Coulson, said, "ViewSonic's experience and dedication to driving new technology to meet customer expectation has enabled us to create a range of superior products that have been designed with the AV and electronic systems industry in mind."

ViewSonic will also be using the ISE to launch its new 10,000 lumen Pro9500 projector and a new double-sided ePoster which has been designed to replace old backlit signs.