The Viewsonic PLED W500 portable projector has been given an 80 per cent rating in a recent projector review.

The projector is being marketed as an “ultra-portable business beamer” which executives can use whilst working on the move or travelling to demonstrations and meetings. The projector review finds that the projector has a WXGA 1280 x 800 native resolution, making it suitable for detailed presentations

The reviewer concludes that the 500 ANSI gives a clean, sharp image with a 6000:1 contrast ratio.
One of the reviewers main positives about the projector is that it is compact and light, weighing just less than 1.2kg. Another advantage outlined in the projector review is that the device has an internal memory as well as being able to display data from USB sticks and flash cards, so no laptop is needed.

In their Viewsonic PLED W500 projector review, the reviewer also finds something unique about the device – it does not heat up like many other projectors, largely due to the LEDs which provide the light. There is also a fan which blows out cold air but the reviewer finds the sound from this is “not intrusive”.

The writer describes the projector as “a very nice piece of kit.”