Projector manufacturer Viewsonic has released an innovative piece of hardware that allows you to wirelessly connect any computer to a projector for quick and cordless displays.

The WPG-360 Wireless Presentation Gateway enables users to wirelessly connect a notebook or desktop PC over 802.11b/g/n to send content to a projector or large screen display with a standard VGA input connector.

The wireless device is able to support full motion video at 1024x768 up to 720 and, according to the manufacturer, can cope with multiple computers being used on it at any one time for split screen presentations.

As well as impressive display options, the WPG-360 also comes equipped with an Ethernet port that allows users to go online to find any information on the internet that they need for their presentations, as well as a WiFi protected set-up (WPS) feature for more secure configurations.

ViewSonic European marketing manager, James Coulson, said the WPG-360 was an affordable means of making mobile presentations even more practical. "The effortless and quick installation of the WPG-360 Wireless Presentation Gateway makes this an ideal gateway device for any business that looks to lower the costs of mobile presentations," he explained.