ViewSonic launches new LED projectors

A pair of new compact LED projectors have been launched by ViewSonic.

The company revealed that the PLED-W600 and PLED-W800 are now available to purchase.

ViewSonic's latest compact LED-based projectors have features such as an integrated MHL-enabled HDMI input for optional wireless capabilities, which the firm says make them an ideal choice for work, travel and entertainment on-the-go.

Joss Kaldenberg, product manager for projectors at ViewSonic Europe, stated that the PLED-W600 and PLED-W800 add to the company's solid state, LED-based projector family.

He said: "The PLED-W600 and PLED-W800 are packed with features that make them ready to be used with a diverse number of devices, including smartphones, laptops, tablets, gaming consoles, and digital cameras. The WXGA resolution offers widescreen compatibility for 720p/1080p-based content."

Mr Kaldenberg added that users of the PLED-W600 and PLED-W800 can also wirelessly stream their content from a mobile device to the projector through their built-in MHL-enabled HDMI port.

The PLED-W800, which is ViewSonic's new flagship projector, also comes with a built-in media player that can project Microsoft Office files, as well as PDF files, photos and videos.

ViewSonic recently announced a partnership with Epsilon eSports, a world-renowned eSports organisation in Europe, which could result in new projector uses in the gaming world.

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