ViewSonic has announced new updated projector models for its PJD5, PJD6 and PJD7 ranges, providing people who are looking for a budget-friendly projector for everyday use with even more options.

The brand has opted at the beginning of 2013 to start offering its new products to consumers, providing versatile network connectivity and high brightness.

At the top of the new offerings are the XGA PJD7333 and WXGA PJD7533w projectors, which serve as part of ViewSonic’s speciality series for business and education users. The projectors feature 4,000 lumens of brightness with wired and wireless LAN display capabilities. They are at their best when used in large lecture halls or business spaces, where high brightness is needed.

The PJD6 Series of network-enabled short throw projectors has seen the addition of the PJD6235, PJD6245, PJD6345, PJD6543w and PJD6544w projectors. The devices all have an RJ45 connection, which allows for remote projector management from a single PC if needs. This makes them ideal solutions for when operators need to manage multiple networked projectors from their workstations. They have resolutions of between 2,500 and 3,000 lumens and have HDMI connectivity for maximum versatility.

The accessible PJD5 range offers solid performances for solid prices and has seen the addition of the PJD5132, PJD5134, PJD5232, PJD5234 and PJD5533w projectors. The new projectors are reliable entry-level models that are ideal for everyday use, but still offer a range of resolutions and connectivity options.