1. The 6 Best Home Cinema Projectors For 2022

    The quality of projectors has rocketed in the past few years, and prices have gone down too. Cinema projectors bring the big screen experience into your home. Imagine being able to watch your team scoring a goal in 4K resolution, with detail so sharp that you can see every blade of grass on that football pitch. For images like this, you’ll need one of the finest home cinema projectors on the market.

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  2. Introducing the ViewSonic X10-4K – A Smart, Portable and Wireless Home Cinema Projector

    I think I speak for the majority when I say that not everyone can afford to have a dedicated home cinema room in their house . Sometimes you have to compromise on your dream setup and just kick back and relax, enjoy the space you’re in on a more flexible basis. But often, this means, finding yourself untangling wires and messing about with setting up a lower quality portable projector, maybe a business unit without a decent sound system too. Hardly a perfect cinema experience.

    The X10-4K from ViewSonic delivers a home cinema experience as it should be. It’s portable, stylish and delivers superb image quality.

    Maybe there’s a big match on or you fancy inviting some mates over to show a movie at your place. Perhaps you’re celebrating a family wedding and want to look back at some of the memories together.

    Don’t let your projector limit what you can do - the ViewSonic X10-4K is super portable, so you don’t have to stay cooped up in one place, you can switch up who hosts movie night each month. With WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, plus top-of-the-range speakers built into the device, it doesn’t matter where you set up your home cinema - the X10-4K should have it all covered.

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