1. ASUS launches tiny new projector

    ASUS has unveiled a new projector that it claims is the first device to be able to project content stored on an Android phone via a micro USB connection.

    The ASUS E1Z is described by the firm as the world’s first LED projector that can handle this task, while the projector is also able to double as a 6000mAh power bank to charge mobile devices.

    ASUS explained that the E1Z projector is portable and palm-sized, with a built-in rechargeable battery allowing users to conduct presentations without having to plug the device into a power source.

    ASUS said: "The E1Z

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  2. Optoma unveils latest new projectors

    Optoma has announced it is launching its first ever short throw projectors.

    The company revealed that the EH320UST and EH320USTi are now available, with the firm also announcing WXGA resolution models the W320UST and W320USTi.

    With the projectors ranking at 4,000 lumens, Optoma claims that the devices are "among of the brightest ultra-short throw projectors available".

    Optoma’s head of product marketing, Justin Halls, stated that the company is "excited" to be one of the first in the sector to be releasing a range of 1080p ultra short throw projectors.

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  3. Barco projectors chosen for Copenhagen multiplex

    The Barco DP4K-60L laser projector has been selected to be installed at a cinema in Denmark.

    Digital cinema pioneer Barco's device was picked for the main premium large format (PLF) screen of Nordic entertainment company Nordisk Film Biografer's new multiplex in the Field shopping and entertainment centre in Copenhagen.

    The new cinema is set to open in August and the Field is due to become one of the largest shopping centres in Scandinavia when it is completed.

    Wim Buyens, head of entertainment at Barco, explained that the Barco DP4K-60L is the world’s brightest

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  4. Pico projector market forecast to grow in Europe

    The pico projector market in Europe is expected to continue to grow steadily in the coming years, according to newly published research.

    A study by Research and Markets suggested that the expanding industry was valued $342.8 million (£218.7 million) in 2014.

    The pico projector market was forecast to increase by a compound annual growth rate of 37 per cent between 2014 and 2019.

    Pico projectors allow users to display images and videos off a portable device onto walls or other surfaces. They are typically very light and miniature in size, making them portable.

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  5. NEC releases new HD short throw projector

    Audio visual products manufacturer NEC has announced it is releasing its first ever HD short throw projector.

    The new U321H ultra-short-throw projector is among the first HD-resolution projectors in the product category.

    Businesses, K-12 and higher education are all being targeted by the device, which boasts "razor-sharp display of graphics, text, images and videos", according to NEC.

    The company added that the new U321H ultra-short-throw projector is ideal for training facilities and classrooms where there is not a lot of extra room.

    "NEC is committed

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  6. Acer reveals new LED projector

    Acer has announced it is launching a new LED projector that features an intelligent ambient light sensor for cinema on the go.

    The company revealed the Acer K138ST, which is an ultra-portable short throw LED projector, as well as the Acer U5320W ultra-short throw projector and the full HD projector the Acer P5515.

    Acer is promoting the K138ST as the world’s first LED projector that has an intelligent ambient light sensor.

    The device is capable of projecting an image of up to 100 inches with only 1.7m distance to the projection surface. Acer says the device "eliminates

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  7. Christie projectors used at Transformers premiere

    Projectors made by audio visual company Christie have been used to create a spectacular display for the premiere of the new Transformers movie in Colombia.

    Christie teamed up with the rental-staging company Big Video​ for the project, which took place on the façade of the Calima shopping mall in Bogotá.

    To mark the premiere of Transformers: Age of Extinction, a 65 by 20 metre area was turned into a gigantic display screen by using a series of Christie projectors.

    Digital content development company LPX Digital was looking to create something special for th

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  8. Sony to release new short throw projector in UK

    Sony has announced it is set to release its new short throw projector - the LSPX-W1S - in the UK in the coming months.

    The device, which can project an image of up to 147 inches on a wall, will be available from the summer, the manufacturer revealed.

    Sony's Laser Light Source innovation is included in the projector, meaning that brightness levels are protected even when the image is UHD.

    Thomas Issa, product manager at Sony, stated that the 4K Ultra Short Throw projector "provides a completely new and innovative entertainment experience that only Sony can deliver".

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  9. Canon introduces two new ultra-short throw projectors

    Canon has unveiled two new portable projectors for the classroom and conference room aimed at the education and business markets.

    The LV-WX300UST and the LV-WX300USTi models are ultra-short throw projectors, designed to meet increasing demand for clear images and easily portability from schools and business users.

    Canon spokesman Roger Machin said: “Many customers, particularly in the education sector, are looking for truly interactive experiences that will improve learning and the communication of information.

    “With the LV-WX300UST and LV-WX300USTi, we can meet

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  10. Optoma reveals new business projectors

    Projector manufacturer Optoma has revealed a pair of new devices aimed at the enterprise market.

    The company announced that the lightweight and portable W351 and X351 projectors both come with a three year De-Re projector warranty and three year lamp warranty.

    Targeted at classrooms and meeting rooms, the projectors can be managed remotely through the firm's Compatible RoomView software. This means IT managers will be able to turn them off remotely to save power when they are not in use.

    Nick Price, Optoma’s territory manager, said: "The new projectors differ

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