1. Bring the Cinema Home with the Epson EH-TW7000

    For TV and film fans who can’t get enough of 4K, Epson is the easy choice for upgrading your home cinema system in 2020. Epson’s projectors are perfectly designed to recreate the cinema in your own home without an excessive price tag.

    One of our favourites from the Epson

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  2. Best Budget Short Throw Projectors

    Most people looking to add a projector to their meeting room setup quickly find that they don’t have all that much space to play around with. Even if your room is large enough to fit a two-metre throw distance, is it large enough to leave that space clear for chairs and tables for meeting attendees t

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  3. Top Projectors to Transform Your Outdoor Events this Summer

    The summer is in full swing. Beaches are packed, ice cream vans have been stripped of stock and everyone’s looking to make the most of the great outdoors.

    But what if you’re attending or organising a get together and you need everyone gathered around a video or a set of images? Wedding venues, loc

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  4. Vivtek unveils ultra-short throw projectors

    Vivtek unveils ultra-short throw projectors
    Projector manufacturer Vivitek has expanded its industry-leading education range with the introduction of its new DH759USTi and D756USTi ultra-short throw interactive projectors.

    Each of the full HD and WXGA resolution projectors provides HID driver-free recognition technology for the interactive

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  5. Sony's Vision Presenter creates 'immersive experience' at Bentley showroom

    Sony's Vision Presenter creates 'immersive experience' at Bentley showroom
    Sony has combined with integration partner AVEX to create an immersive experience for Bentley’s high-end showroom at the Conservatorium Hotel in Amsterdam. This includes the ability for potential customers to configure a Bentley of their dreams using Vision Presenter, Sony’s interactive display
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  6. What to look out for when buying projectors for education

    With a number of projectors on the market, it's little wonder that it's so difficult to work out what projectors work best in education and teaching environments. This short but sweet blog will highlight some of the attributes required in a projector.

    As we know, technology in the education system

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  7. Short Throw vs Long Throw Projectors

    When it comes to buying new projectors, there are a number of new and differing factors that customers need to take into account. These range from the brightness of the projector to the resolution that they offer. They also need to consider how it can be effectively mounted within their projector room.

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  8. Sony launches new portable short throw projector

    Sony launches new portable short throw projector
    Projector giant Sony has announced the launch of a brand new laser diode short throw projector, capable of projecting an 80-inch display in almost any environment.

    The new portable LSX-P1 projector is part of Sony's Life Space UX

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  9. Ultra-portable projector revealed for launch in 2016

    Ultra-portable projector revealed for launch in 2016
    Optoma has unveiled an ultra-portable projector, which we think might hit many people's wish-lists.

    Unfortunately, the ML750ST won't be available until January 2016, so it'll have to skip the Christmas list this year. Nevertheless, it's an impressive device we think is well

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  10. People using TVs instead of projectors are 'missing out'

    People using TVs instead of projectors are 'missing out'
    One of the world's most renowned projector manufacturers, Optoma, has noted that people who rely on televisions for their entertainment experiences – rather than projectors – are missing out.

    As Optoma launches its latest portable projector, the GT5000, the company's head

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