A British tech blogger has discovered an eccentric way of sidestepping the problem of brand incompatability of 3D glasses.

The popularity of 3D technology in home cinemas has been stymied slightly by the inability to use one TV brand's glasses to watch the TV set or projector screen of another.

Steve May, blogger for the Home Cinema Choice website, discovered however that a little creativity was all it took to get around the problem.

"While Samsung and Panasonic glasses are officially incompatible with each other, we’ve discovered that if you wear one pair upside down they will work with the rival brand’s set," he said.

"I successfully enjoyed 3D TV on a Panasonic model with upside-down Samsung glasses, and vice versa."

"Admittedly it wasn’t a very comfortable experience, and you do look a bit stupider than normal trying it."

The discovery was confirmed by Samsung's R&D chief, Simon Lee, who said the polarizing lenses in the eyewear have been reversed by the two brands.

There should, however, be a more sensible solution on the horizon.

Lee said industry developers are currently working on officially bringing the brands in line with each other, in the same way that standards were defined in 2009 for Full HD 3D technology.

"I think that it’s likely that the different manufacturers will come together - possibly as early as next year - to agree a common standard for Active Shutter glasses," he said.