Leading projector manufacturer NEC has unveiled the brand new PA653UL projector, the world’s first filter-free laser projector with LCD technology, 6,500 ANSI lumens brightness and WUGXA resolution.

With this unique combination, this new device brings together impressive colour brightness, high resolution and a laser light source designed for prolonged use. We’ve taken a closer look at these features and the potential game-changer that is the PA653UL.

Low Maintenance

One of the main draws of NEC’s latest creation is its low maintenance approach to projection. Specifically, the PA653UL is completely filter-free and relies instead on a sealed optical laser LCD engine.

Filter replacement is often undertaken at the same time as lamp replacement and a general industry guide is to replace lamps and filters every 1,500 hours of operation, or on average, every 6 months. So the PA653UL offers a significant benefit in terms of reducing maintenance time. It also removes to risk of dust contamination, so brilliant colour brightness is maintained without the hassle of regular maintenance.

Of course, removing the need for lamp replacement entirely also significantly reduces total cost of ownership, as well as time. By removing the reliance on lamps – which often diminish in brightness over time – the projector can produce consistently impressive images for up to 20,000 hours without requiring maintenance – all thanks to its laser light source. This is significantly longer than lamp projectors, which typically require lamp replacement every 1,500 to 2,500 hours.

NEC has extended its low maintenance approach to the projector’s features too, which are all quick and easy to customise. The new PA653UL offers motorised lens shift, focus and zoom to ensure easy setup or adjustments with minimal need for physical access.

Brilliant Images

Despite the significant reduction in maintenance time and cost, the PA653UL makes no compromise when it comes to image quality. The projector’s processing of a wider colour space is particularly impressive thanks to Rec2020 to Rec709 colour conversion and high dynamic contrast.

Targeted at corporate and higher education users, the projector is great for larger spaces. It offers the added benefit of supporting HDBaseT connectivity, which allows a single source to supply multiple projectors. Also included in the device’s arsenal is a free-tilt and portrait installation capability, unique geometric adjustment, tiling options, support for 3D and camera based blending/stacking up to 4K resolution.

Overall, it’s fair to say that the PA653UL is an impressive projector capable of delivering amazing image quality for the budget-conscious. For the time-poor business environment, or those with limited maintenance resources, the new model ensures consistent, reliable and professional results.