Two of Epson's top projector models have been integrated into the advanced new AV system at the new Science Centre at Staffordshire University.

The institution opted for Epson’s EB-G5450WU and EB-Z8000WU projectors to be included in the system.

Three of the Z8000WU models have been installed for larger-scale display purposes in the centre’s two main lecture halls, which seat as many as 250 people.

Some 42 of the EB-G5450WU models have also been purchased by the university for use in the range of meeting rooms and laboratories at the centre. They will be used for displays that, while on a smaller scale, will require extreme levels of detail, such as blood samples, plant cells and forensic materials. The projectors will allow these images to be displayed in a widescreen format in bright, natural colours.

The projectors have been provided by AV systems experts, Pure AV. The university’s IT team has, however, become qualified as Epson Approved Technical Specialists, allowing them to take control of staff training for the machines and their maintenance. The IT team will also be able to manage the deployment of the projectors across the university’s campus.