Ultra-portable projector revealed for launch in 2016
Optoma has unveiled an ultra-portable projector, which we think might hit many people's wish-lists.

Unfortunately, the ML750ST won't be available until January 2016, so it'll have to skip the Christmas list this year. Nevertheless, it's an impressive device we think is well worth waiting for. Read on to find out more.

The ML750ST is a step up from the existing and popular ML750e. While it boasts many similar features, including native office viewer, built-in sound and a media player, the one thing that sets it apart from its predecessor is the inclusion of a short throw lens, increasing the flexibility from the user's point of view.

By deploying short lens throw technology, Optoma has ensured the ML750ST can be used in a wider variety of rooms and setups where space is sometimes at a premium, making it ideal for those looking for an office projector that they can take with them for meetings and presentations in different locations.

Justin Halls, head of product marketing with Optoma, commented: “The short throw lens means it isn't projecting across the room so users don't have to worry about shadows being cast from people standing in front of the projector.”

The device weighs just 420g, perfect for a portable projector, and features plenty of connectivity options including HDMI input for use with laptops, games consoles, PCs and Blue-ray players. Its built-in technology means that users can also work with the device directly using its onboard memory or microSD card slot to display Microsoft Office files or photos, video and audio files directly to their audience.

In terms of picture quality, this LED projector offers clear bright images that will be ready to show almost as soon as the device is turned on. It offers 800 LED brightness and amazing colour reproduction along with HD-ready WXGA resolution and a contrast ratio of 20,000:1.