The rise in highly customised home cinema systems could see brands bring their manufacturing back to the UK, one industry insider has observed.

Writing for Home Cinema Choice, Richard Stevenson, said the recent decision by Arcam to bring its production line back to the UK from China could be an indication of more future repatriations.

Stevenson, who is a consultant product manager for an AV furniture maker, said the schism between the British trade and Chinese manufacturing was making companies seriously consider the practicalities.

"For high-value, quality-driven and performance-centric products like home cinema hardware UK manufacturing makes a lot of sense," he said.

"It improves time to market, design, logistics, fine-tuning, quality control, delivery and after-sales support. It's also great news for UK PLC."

Stevenson listed language barriers, cultural discrepancies, clashing capabilities, shipping quality, time and costs, and fluctuating exchange rates as problems that are fast making British manufacturing a rosier option.

He also said one of the main plus points of the outsourcing – vastly cheaper labour – was now becoming obsolete, as Chinese workers' wages had tripled in the last two years. That rise has also nearly been matched by the price rises in machinery and raw materials.