One of the only homegrown technology developers in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has launched what it says is the world’s first 3D pocket projector.

Merlin Digital has only launched the tiny but powerful device in the UAE so far, but is hoping that the country’s strong interest in advanced technology will stoke demand for the projector.

The pocket projector is being aimed at the business market, offering ideal capabilities for work presentations and meetings on screens of up to 115 inches on the diagonal. The 3D Pocket Projector, as it is known, has HDMI connectivity, allowing it to be connected to a wide range of digital content sources, and also has built-in stereo speakers and an AUX audio port, which allows the projector to work with existing home theatre systems.

Merlin Digital’s Sales Director for EMEA, Rohit Bachani, said that they were very excited about the launch of the device.

“As the first 3D pocket projector in the world, we are very excited about giving our customers this ground-breaking technology at an affordable price,” he said. “We feel that the 3D pocket projector, with its compact size, plug and play facilities and excellent display quality is the perfect solution for any user’s projection needs.”