Infocus has developed two new projectors aimed specifically at classroom and smaller conference room use, that are able to turn any surface interactive.

The IN3914 and IN3916 have been positioned as affordable mid-size projectors that can produce clear images from up to 12.2 metres away. Both models feature Infocus's ingenious LiteBoard Wand, which operates similarly to a mouse, controlling the cursor and selecting items with its left and right buttons. It also features a scroll wheel and undo button and is compatible both with PCs and Macs.

The operational ease that features on both of the models mean that neither require intricate calibrating. When the wand is being used, the projector implements motion stability algorithms that are designed to create smooth cursor movement. They analyse the size of the projected image, that angle of the wand and its distance from the screen to create a near-perfect image.

Both of the models are also capable of projecting in short-throw environments, able to create images up to 1.5 metres in size when the projector is less than one metre away.

The set-ups come with 20-watt stereo sound systems, audio processing, a microphone input and a narration feature, designed so that the presenter's voice can be audible over audio tracks in videos or presentations.