The ongoing trend for ever larger television screens is fueling demand for projectors.

This is the view of BenQ Asia Pacific president Adams Lee, who stated that people are coming around to the idea of having a super large screen in their home.

Speaking to the Financial Express, he explained that anyone who is considering the purchase of a huge television with a screen of up to 100 inches may instead think about a projector.

Mr Lee pointed out that a projector can be a much more affordable option, as television screens of this size tend to be extremely expensive.

He said: "Projectors are not going to replace the television. Instead, the large TV is stimulating the need for a large screen. Now, people who want a screen larger than TV, of around 100 inches, are going for projectors.

"A projector can very easily achieve that screen size at a fraction of the cost of a TV of the same size."

BenQ is currently India's market leader in the projector industry and the firm's managing director in the country, Rajeev Singh, stated that the company is placing an increasing amount of its attention on monitors as it homes in on the lucrative and expanding gaming sector.