A projector has been announced by NEC that is specifically designed for business travel use.

The L50W, a lightweight LED digital projector, boasts 500 lumens, a light source life of up to 20,000 hours and a contrast ratio of 2,500:1. In addition, it features a full array of multimedia functions. It offers HDMI, VGA and composite inputs, as well as 1GB of internal memory, which will allow users to store presentations and data when on the move.

Information held or transmitted through the projector can be shown using the Office Viewer, which enables users to store common Microsoft Office documents on the L50W as well as Adobe PDF documents.

Meanwhile, the hardware includes a LED solid state light source. As well as being mercury-free in design, which benefits the environment, this means that owners of the gadget do not need to worry about projector lamp purchases in the future.

Rich McPherson, senior product manager of projectors for NEC, commented: “The L50W is an entirely new product for NEC and offers our travelling customers an effortless method of presenting.

"Its automated features and versatile input panel simplify setup, while its powerful performance provides technologies on which our customers depend."