Transparent projection screens steal the show
It's not often that we get excited about a projection screen, but Pro Display has shown that a cleverly designed screen really can steal the show.

Pro Display’s Clearview transparent projection screens recently starred in the stage performance ‘Signal To Noise’ by Swiss artist group pulp.noir. The Clearview acrylic screens were positioned on the stage to create a virtual double of the actors on stage, adding an unforgettable dimension to the performance.

This simple addition to the stage created one of the show's most memorable features - holographic-effect doppelgangers that the actors were able to engage with. The Clearview projection screens also immersed the audience in the story with underwater and cloud effects that filled the stage. The three screens stand 2.5m tall by 1.75m wide and were suspended between the actors and the audience.

The projection surface, which is 92 per cent transparent, uses a combination optical dyes and millions of crystals to create the effect. The show's producers then chose to use an EIKI 2,500 lumens projector to create the image.

This surreal effect could never have been created by a projector alone, and shows how a simple piece of technology can pack a punch.

Julia Maria Morf, audiovisual artist and co-founder of pulp.noir, explained: “Signal To Noise explores how the lines have blurred between our real and digital selves. The Clearview projection screens are key pieces of this project as their transparency gives us so many creative visual options. Letting the actors interact with virtual doubles of themselves has a very powerful theatrical impact.”

The Clearview transparent projection screens have also been used in shop front windows, advertising screens and attention-grabbing museum displays.