Toy camera with built-in projector launched

Toymaker Hasbro has launched a new camera for kids which has a built-in projector.

The Playskool Showcam 2-in-1 Digital Camera and Projector offers an easy way for little ones to add animation, stories and even sounds to the photographs that they take. Children have more than 50 effects to choose from to enable them to customise their pictures and let their imaginations run free.

The projections are easy to activate with the simple click of a switch and the device has been carefully designed to be easy for little hands to grab and use. In addition, with the focus remaining on simplicity, all the editing features are built into the toy, so separate software is not required. An everyday USB cable can be used to print, email or store the pictures too.

Experts at Gizmodo believe that even though this two-in-one device is aimed at kids, the idea could catch on much more widely. Andrew Liszewski writes: “Hasbro could be onto something here; your neighbour's vacation photos would certainly be more entertaining if everyone were dressed like vikings. And with a £34 price tag parents will probably feel more comfortable handing this to a child than an expensive DSLR, or even a smartphone.”

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