The Tower of London has been equipped with new projector enclosures in a bid to tackle issues with dust.

Projector enclosure manufacturer Tempest has provided its new LIZA model for an installation at the world heritage site after the existing Panasonic PT-DZ680 projectors experienced problems with dust ingress.

According to Installation International, the new enclosures provide a secure housing for the projectors that protects them from dust, thus reducing the risk of overheating projector burn-out.

Tempest collaborated with projector partner Panasonic UK, which has installed eight 6540H Liza HUSH enclosures in the Tower’s Jewel House.

“We have worked with Tempest before and have always been more than pleased with the capabilities of their enclosures,“ said Chris Green, project engineer for Panasonic System Solutions.

“It is always a challenge working in historic buildings, where airborne dust is a much more common problem than in modern spaces. Tempest has provided a solution that not only completely protected the projector but also allowed the staff in the Tower to greatly reduce their twice-monthly filter cleaning schedule.”

LIZA is part of Tempest’s HUSH projector enclosure line-up and boasts three models to cover business projectors where enclosure aesthetics is of utmost importance.

Each enclosure is lined with high-performance acoustic insulation foam and has airtight seals to minimise outward projector noise.