Touchscreens are fast making futuristic technology a reality
It doesn't seem that long ago that we were texting away on Nokia 3310s only for them to be fast replaced by smartphones and mobile devices with touchscreen capabilities we'd barely even considered would be a reality.

Touchscreens have transformed the way we interact with technology and devices, from the personal to the professional. We're taking a quick look at three of the most futuristic ideas that have recently become reality.

Touchscreen coffee table
First up is a consumer device, 'La Table Kineti'. Devised by French company Kineti, La Table is a rather sleek looking coffee table shaped from veneered wood and aluminium. Built into the furniture is a Windows 10 computer with 8GB of RAM, a 120GB SSD, a single USB 3.0 port, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

And on top of the table is the impressive waterproof, tempered glass surface, which supports up to 12 multi-touch points.

Windows 'tables' have been in production for a few years now, but the concept that such a valuable piece of technology could be so seamlessly integrated into a piece of everyday furniture is going to take some getting used to.

Boeing flight deck touchscreens
This next example takes touchscreen to new highs. Boeing has announced that it will integrate a multi-touch interface on the flight deck of its 777X planes.

Bob Feldmann, vice president and general manager of the 777X programme confirmed that the new touchscreen interface will be brought in to replace the current touch-pad based cursor control devices which are in use in the original 777.

Mr Feldmann commented: “We think we’re the first [commercial] airplane to really make something that is like all our customers are used to doing in their daily lives.”

It might be everyday to check our emails or take a picture on a touchscreen device, but navigating at 40,000 feet is a step towards making Star Trek a reality.

Office touchscreens
Finally, who would have thought we'd ever be making business presentations using touchscreens with dimensions of up to 100 inches? The possibilities on offer from today's products at surprisingly accessible price points is nothing short of incredible. Take a look at the range of touchscreens currently on the market.

They say technology grows exponentially, if we've reached such futuristic levels in our everyday lives, where will things go next? We're excited to see.