A crowdfunding campaign is underway for a small handheld projector that the innovators claim can turn any surface into an 80-inch screen.

TouchPico is described as an interactive Android PC that has a projected touch interface and wireless streaming. A crowdfunding target of $55,000 (£32,427) has been set for the product and with 29 days still to go until the end of the fundraising period, the makers have received pledges worth 95 per cent of their total goal.

The manufacturers of the TouchPico projector stated that it should be viewed as a giant Android tablet, noting it can be used on either a table or a wall depending on the needs of the user.

In their Indiegogo post, the makers said: "TouchPico is unique because it provides users with many versatile options. It's for children, parents, teachers, dancers, businessmen, yoga enthusiasts, gamers - you name it."

They pointed out that the launch of TouchPico - which is expected to be ready for shipping before the end of the year - could mean whiteboards are no longer necessary. They described TouchPico as the "easiest solution for classrooms around the world".

TouchPico's size and weight is comparable to a Samsung S4 smartphone, indicating how projector technology is moving on at a rapid pace to make products much more portable.

Various pico projectors have already been launched on to the market and these are expected to make up an increasingly large proportion of the industry in the coming years.