Cinema experts have offered their tips for how film fans can create an authentic movie theatre experience from the comfort of their own home by using a projector.

First up, the article on recommends ensuring you have the right setting. Where possible, the film buffs say that planning the space from scratch with movie viewing in mind is the best plan – good planning means, for example, that optimum acoustics are possible without noise pollution beyond the room.

A large space is deemed ideal for comfort and to allow for a suitably large cinema-esque screen. However, the screen size should be chosen with the size of the room in mind to avoid discomfort and an impaired view.

The article notes that a screen and projector are often the best choice, stating: 'Many are of the opinion that to create the authentic cinema experience that a screen and projector are needed.'

It adds: 'You also need to consider whether the room will be dark enough for people to view the screen if not. If the answer's no, consider placing black curtains or blinds behind the screen.'