A new projector designed to be used by drivers while they are behind the wheel is to be released on to the market.

San Francisco-based technology company Navdy has put together a small projector that will produce a heads-up display for drivers while they are on the road.

The innovation builds on the screens that are now present as part of the dashboard in a lot of new cars, but it could prove controversial due to laws surrounding distractions for drivers.

Navdy chief executive Doug Simpson claimed that the projector will be the first time there has been a product that combines features such as gesture recognition with heads-up display technology in a car.

"There's kind of a lot of things that we've had to pull together, and the combination of those things really creates a magic experience that's far better than the individual pieces," he said.

Navdy is already available to be pre-ordered in the US with a price tag of $299 (£181), but the cost is set to go up to $499 when the device hits stores during 2015.

Pico projectors are already a rapidly expanding section of the projector industry and the development from Navdy may be an indication of where the sector could go next.