A tiny pocket-sized projector that can show both 3D and 2D images has been developed by pico projector company Chinavision.

The 3D DLP model weighs just 450 grams and can project an image up to a maximum size of 300 inches. Chinavision, which specialises in producing projectors for tablets and making Android mobile phones, believes the device will be popular with media users and gaming enthusiasts.

The company likened the results from the 3D DLP projector to holographic projections from the character R2-D2 in the classic 1979 Star Wars film, but said that the images were clearer and smoother than those shown in the famous sci-fi adventure.

Chinavision’s Rose Li said: “This projector brings the world so close to Star Wars technology it is not even funny. You might think that this is tiny but there is nothing small about the device's clarity or performance. I know of nothing else that comes anywhere close to this type of functionality.”

She said that the gadget boasts the same quality of build and display resolution used by premium brands but is being aimed at buyers from the more budget end of the market.