A new tiny retro projector has been developed that can beam Instagram images on to walls.

The Projecteo has been developed to tie in with the craze for retro photography and projects images from tiny wheels that can hold nine Instagram images on 35mm slide film.

The pocket-sized, battery-powered projectors are now available for purchase around London, after their designer managed to secure more than £55,000 development funding through a Kickstarter campaign last December.

Ben Redford said that he was inspired to create the tiny piece of technology after coming across an old projector in a London market. He explained, “On taking it apart, I saw that the mechanics could be miniaturised and thought Instagram would bring the warmth to how we take photos now.”

The projected pictures can be as wide as 2.5 feet, while the wheels of pictures can be ordered through an online site. Redford said that it is a nostalgic way of preserving and sharing photographs.

He added, “Whether they’re of your best friends, that holiday last summer or good old pictures of cats, just pop them into Projecteo, focus by twisting the lens barrel and sit back to enjoy your slideshow.”