A tiny HD-capable projector has been launched by Velocity, weighing in at just nine ounces and measuring four inches on its longest side.

The Micro Shine device offers a native resolution of 1,280x768 (WXGA), although it is also capable of taking a 1080p signal when required, according to its manufacturer.

In order to deliver a decent picture quality without significantly increasing the size, the gadget uses DLP technology and LED illumination. It also boasts a brightness level of 300 lumens; something that only larger projectors used to be capable of.

On top of its HD-compatibility, the device should also be able to cope with 3D projection. According to the manufacturer's website, the gadget's DLP chip supports a 3D input, but it would require a software update before it would deliver a full 3D experience to viewers.

While many of the specifications quite literally outshine the Micro Shine's competition, it does have one drawback in that it relies on a wall outlet to function rather than a built-in chargeable battery.

When it comes to connectivity, the projector has a mini HDMI connection, full USB, an on-board media player and a stereo out-.