Three Surprisingly Good BenQ Projectors under £500

With each year that passes, we’re seeing more and more next-level projector technology filter down to more accessible price points.

BenQ is a clear leader in this area. Known for its cost effective office projectors, the brand is now finally being recognised for the quality of its products and their excellent image quality as well. BenQ is one of the few manufacturers with an excellent entry-level range of projectors that can boast fantastic resolution, brightness, overall great picture quality, and a price tag under £500.

Here is our pick of the best value options.

BenQ MX611 – £368 ex VAT

The BenQ MX611 is the most popular, and indeed the most cost effective 4,000 ANSI lumen projector in our arsenal. And it’s not difficult to see why. Featuring 1024x768px XGA resolution, for the price, the MX611 is near enough unbeatable in terms of resolution, brightness and affordability.

Of course, while you’re sacrificing something on the resolution-front, we can’t help but be impressed with the high levels of brightness on this model. It’s perfect for a flexible range of applications and uses in a business – especially if you have a 4:3 screen that you’re not looking to replace.

BenQ MW612 – £402 ex VAT

Dig deep for an extra £34 and you can jump up to 1,280x800px WXGA resolution with the BenQ MW612.

That is around 30% more pixels on screen for 9% more cash.

Offering the same impressive 4,000 lumens as the MX611, alongside a contrast ratio of 20,000:1, the BenQ MW612 is fantastic value for money.

Images are crisp, clear and bright. Add to that the lamp life of 15,000 hours – and you’ve got a great all-rounder for the comparatively small cost of the device.

BenQ MH534 – £450 ex VAT

As impressed as we are by the MX611 and the MW612, unless you’re tied to working with old input devices, let’s face it, most offices want HD resolution at a minimum these days and if your screen is large then we’d say it’s essential. Allow us to present the BenQ MH534 for just £48 more. This is double the amount of pixels (and therefore clarity) for 12% more money.

Complete with 1080p Full HD resolution, the MH534 has everything you need for an efficient, flexible office projector. With 3,300 lumens of brightness, 15,000:1 contrast and that all-important 1080p resolution, this is a fantastic entry-level projector for showcasing high quality, sharp and focused images. In terms of price vs spec, it’s hard to beat this device.

It even comes with a SmartEco mode, which ensures the model never uses more lamp power than is necessary – perfect for getting as much out of your investment as possible in lower ambient light conditions and offering up to 10,000 hours of lamp life.

If you’re looking for a cost effective office projector, with clear, focused images, that’ll be bright in busy meeting rooms even when you can’t control the ambient light levels – then this model will certainly tick all your boxes.

The next level: BenQ SH753 – £870 ex VAT

If you’re wondering what you’d get for jumping up a price brand, allow us to present the BenQ SH753, one of our most popular mid-range corporate projectors. Priced at £870 ex VAT, the SH753 offers that extra level of brightness at 4,300 lumens, which can make all the difference in spaces where you can’t control the ambient light.

Resolution is of course 1080p, while the contrast ratio of 13,000:1 ensures depth of colour.

The two main reasons you’d want to make the £400 upgrade though are for quality of components and longevity and the SH753 covers both requirements with ease.

The optics and lens system is vastly improved over the MH534. There’s much more installation flexibility due to a better lens ratio and a 1.5x optical zoom. The whole unit is of an obvious and distinctly higher quality too, with a bigger lens to ensure the best possible image for the price.

In the longevity stakes, the SH753 ups the warranty from a basic 2 Year on the MH534 to a 5 year term. In addition, this 5 year is a swap out warranty (compared to a year 1 collect, repair return and year 2 return to base on the MH534) – what this means is – you’ll never be left without a projector for the 5 year warranty!

If that wasn’t enough, BenQ also throw in a 3 year lamp warranty which, when you consider each lamp may cost around £130 ex VAT, is worth it’s weight in peace of mind – especially for heavy users.

Projectorpoint is a recognised partner of BenQ and their Advanced Partner Programme. When you buy a BenQ projector from us, you can be assured that we will offer the very highest level of pre and post-sales support and advice.

Wondering what else is on offer from BenQ? Take a look at our full range of BenQ projectors here or give the team a call today if you’d like to know more about a specific model that’s caught your attention.

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