A new cinema experience featuring 13 projectors and three screens could soon be installed in the US.

South Korean company CJ Group has announced plans to bring its latest concept, a theatre experience named ScreenX, to the US during 2016.

The project is due to be launched at the upcoming CinemaCon event in Las Vegas, which is set to take place from 20 to 23 April.

Speaking to the Hollywood Reporter, Theodore Kim, senior vice-president of theatre development for 4DPlex and ScreenX, said the ultimate aim is to bring ScreenX to the global cinema market in the coming years.

Some 75 ScreenX screens have already been installed in 44 locations in South Korea, but these are currently used mainly for advertising rather than for screening feature-length films.

One issue that could hold back the rise of new technologies such as ScreenX is the cost involved, National Association of Theater Owners chief executive John Fithian recently said.

Speaking at the Hollywood Professional Alliance Tech Retreat last month, he explained: "[These technologies] all have great potential - but they are expensive. Yes, we should lead with the best experience, but we aren't going to pay to do everything first."

Mr Kim expects animated movies to be among the first to be shown in the new format required for his ScreenX project.