Thirteen projectors by NEC Display Solutions now hold TCO certification from prestigious independent Swedish testing organisation TCO Development.

The certification recognises that the projectors adhere to strict ecological and ergonomic standards and gives buyers an objective standard to judge when considering purchasing.

Eleven projectors were given the recognition on April 30 this year, joining two models that became the first ever projectors to receive it in October 2009.

TCO Development has defined TCO Image Size as the key comparison value for projectors and give buyers the maximum screen size for guaranteed high quality images. It means customers must only know the size of the intended projection surface to select a suitable device.

Other requirements are stringent criteria relating to ergonomics, energy consumption and product and packaging material. NEC scored highly here because of its ambitious voluntary ecological commitments for its Green Vision campaign.

NEC representative, Ulf Greiner, said, “It’s not easy to make buying decisions for projectors when you have to rely on data sheets alone. Unlike other labels the TCO certification is not based on pure manufacturer declarations, but instead on actual third-party measurements.

“The customer can be sure that our devices match the specifications in the data sheet very closely.”