Do offices in 2019 still need awesome meeting room projector quality? Despite the evolving nature of modern office spaces, the answer is obviously yes.

In the face of virtual workers and shared workstations that are very far removed from traditional office setups of the past, great visual projection technology has remained a strong asset in any work environment.

For those in the market for something more than mediocre, here’s our ultimate meeting room projector showdown guide.

What makes a great meeting room projector?

Firstly, before we dive into our list, here are the major considerations we made when weighing up the pros and cons of the best meeting room projectors available today:

Bigger and brighter

The value of brightness should never be underestimated when it comes to office projectors. If you’re lacking capacity here, you could be looking at some less-than-ideal image quality when your clients or shareholders drop by.

For larger, brighter spaces, it’s important that the brightness levels of your projector can handle the requirements. Therefore, all the models in this list come packed with a minimum of 5,000 lumens brightness and will be up to the job when projecting on to a 2.5m wide screen or even slightly bigger.




Not all offices are the perfect shape. It’s likely that various elements that come with the property may impact your meeting room projector set up, such as pillars, posts, ceiling features, pipes, wires and lighting units.

This is why we believe horizontal and vertical lens shift capability is an important feature of all great meeting room projectors. Also, a larger lens throw ratio is incredibly helpful if you need to move your projector unit closer to or further away from the desired projector screen and still achieve the best possible image quality.

Our list only includes projectors with fixed lens options - so no interchangeable lens options. This keeps prices low and a focus on the meeting room market (rather than a large conference venue or huge custom installation projects.)



When it comes to the best meeting room projectors, it’s incredibly important that functionality plays a part in your purchase choice. Luckily, many of the highest quality meeting room projectors come with great features and connectivity that allows you to use them in all office settings.

We believe that models that now come with HDBaseT input connectivity offer a great advantage to offices as they allow you to deliver extremely high-quality content over a longer cable distance, with minimal fuss. Without this, installation can potentially be very costly and complicated.



Finally, great projectors aren’t “cheap.”

But, while the initial cost may put you off, the lifespan of a top of the line projector, as well as the quality it consistently delivers makes it an excellent investment. This is especially the case with laser projectors that offer a longer life span, lower maintenance costs and consistent light output.

When evaluating the best projectors on the market, we factored in the overall pricing and lamp life as well as the warranty and guarantees.

That said, we’ve been realistic with the budgets here – and all projectors are under £2,500, which isn’t breaking the bank, even for most small businesses. Compare this to the investment in the rest of your office fit out and meeting room furniture and it actually looks very good value!

Our choices

Without further ado, here’s our roundup of what we think are the best meeting room projectors currently on the market.


The best value – BenQ LH770Price:  £1,891 ex VAT


  • Great value
  • Good throw ratio range
  • 20K hours lamp life
  • 5 years / 20K hours warranty


  • No 4K input capacity when used at 30Hz
  • Limited horizontal and vertical lens shift
  • No HDBaseT connectivity


A step up – Sony PHZ10Price: £1,982 ex VAT


  • Impressive native WUXGA resolution (1920 x 1200, 16:10 aspect ratio)
  • Great installation flexibility with vertical lens shift of +20 per cent and -55 per cent and 10 per cent left and right horizontal lens shift
  • Sony image quality with 3LCD rather than 1 chip DLP
  • HDBaseT connectivity
  • 5 years / 12,000 hours warranty


  • Not quite as flexible with lens throw ratio


Our top pick – NEC P525ULPrice: £2,424 ex VAT


  • Flexible install positioning with a large throw ratio range and 29 per cent horizontal lens shift
  • 4K input capacity when used at 30Hz – a futureproof choice
  • Low maintenance requirements due to filterless technology
  • Supremely quiet at 26/22db
  • HDBaseT connectivity


  • 3 years / 10,000 hours warranty (not quite as good as some but great value for this money!)


A timeless asset

Necessary in both intimate gathering spaces as well as large open professional environments that can cater to whole companies; the meeting room projector is a fundamental part of the office dynamic.

It’s no longer a privilege of large advertising or creative agencies to deliver impressive visual spectacles. Industries, from accounting to publishing, are all expected to offer their own aesthetically impressive and visually impactful presentations.

Whether it’s sexy numbers and graphs in crystal clear resolution, or creative concepts sketched out in digital brilliance, it’s no secret that visually illustrating your work in some shape or form is incredibly important nowadays.

So, if you’re hoping to raise your presentations to TED Talk-level with a new meeting room projector and would like to learn more about any of these models, we’re always here to help at Projectorpoint.


For any meeting room projector price budget, we’ll do our best to match you with the perfect model to suit your needs. Simply give us a call on 0800 073 0833, fill in our online contact form or drop by and we’ll do our very best to help you.