The top 5 projectors launched at ISE 2016 The top 5 projectors launched at ISE 2016

It’s been just a month since the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2016 conference in Amsterdam gave companies the chance to show off the latest projection tech in the home cinema, education and business sectors.

ISE has recently cemented its reputation as the destination of choice for international AV and systems integration professionals. Around 1,100 exhibitors attended the week-long conference.

There was a huge range of gear unveiled at the show, which saw around 65,000 attendees over the course of the conference, from the latest envelope-pushing products to rather weird and experimental product designs that may hint at the next big thing in projector technology.

So, without further ado, here is a breakdown of the top five new projectors that were launched in Amsterdam at this year’s ISE event.

Panasonic PT-RZ570
Panasonic took home the Best of Show award for their latest laser projector. The PT-RZ570 utilises a 1-chip DLP for WUXGA resolution and a four-segment Quartet Colour Harmoniser colour wheel and produces 5,200 lumens of brightness.

Lucy Meredith, a Field Marketing Specialist at Panasonic UK, said of winning the award: “A combination of technologies results in picture quality that exceeds that of competitive lamp-based projectors, making text and graphics clear and comfortable for students to view.

“The PT-RZ570 does strengthen our line-up and it’s great to see such innovation being recognised with this award.”

Optoma’s 4K projectors
While showing off an impressive racing simulator at their booth, Optoma unveiled two prototype 4K projectors, one of which employed a lamp-based design with a new 4K TI chip, while the other was an LED laser-based design featuring the same chip.

Optoma’s new 4K projectors won’t come cheap when they enter the marketplace towards the end of 2016, with prices expected to be several thousand pounds.

Barco DP4K-32B
Also getting in on the 4K act was Barco, with its huge and ultra-bright DP4K-32B projector, which is said to produce a whopping 34,000 lumens of brightness.

But that’s not all. The new unit can run 2D 4K movies at up to 60 frames per second, while also being able to run 3D 4K videos at lesser frame rates. Barco has also employed an advanced DMD cooling system to reduce operational noise.

BenQ’s BlueCore models
BenQ took the opportunity of appearing at ISE 2016 by expanding its popular BlueCore Series of lamp-free projectors and talking up the eco-friendly benefits offered by laser-based projectors.

The LU9715 and LU9235 provides 8,000 and 6,000 lumens of brightness respectively, and both of the new models feature dual laser light sources. The LU9715 also featured a liquid cooling system.

Sony VW5000ES
Never one to be left behind, Sony also threw its weight behind 4K laser technology with the ultra-high-performance VW5000ES, which can display DCI-P3, HDR and HFR projections.

With a price point around the £50,000 mark, however, it will only be seen in the high-end installation market. However, for those looking for a slightly cheaper cousin, the 5,000-lumen VPL-GTZ270 is also said to produce unreal brightness and sharpness.

(Image: Panasonic)