The future of projection comes to London The future of projection comes to London

The future of projection technology is bright, according to the world's most innovative AV developers.

Participants at the 'Projecting the Future' event, held in London by Digital Projection, were treated to a glimpse of the latest and greatest in projection technology and solid state projectors - and what they witnessed definitely did not disappoint.

Joined by audio and screen manufacturers, Iain Ambler, UK sales manager at Digital Projection, showcased the latest Digital Projection 4K, LED and Laser-based platforms at the event, AC Interactive reported.

Participants were given a demonstration of the Insight LED 4K, which merges the detail and clarity of full 4K resolution with the stunning colour space and black levels of LED illumination. With 60,000 hours of illumination life and no lamp replacements required, the projector demonstrates the full potential of LED projection.

Also on show was the Stewart Filmscreen Iten, a constant height, variable masking screen system featuring a native 2.40:1 image area that combines both audio optimisation and vertical masking panels to deliver a more immersive experience when viewing super widescreen format content.

But it was the potential of LED projection that stole the show. Like those fitted with laser technology, LED projectors forgo the need for lamp replacements, significantly reducing maintenance costs and their environmental impact. What's more, despite being measured as less bright than many lamp-based projectors, LED projection systems are perceived by the viewer as being much brighter than their measured luminance specifications, thanks in part to the Helmholtz-Kohlrausch effect (H-K effect).

The 'Projecting the Future' event showcased some of the AV industry's most exciting new developments, but through its focus on alternative light source projectors and innovative screen designs, it also gave participants a taste of the huge potential for projection in the future.