The Epson EH-TW4400 is a large projector, which claims to have a contrast ratio of 13,000:1. Testers suggest that this claim could be somewhat exaggerated - but even so, the projector does live up to expectations.

The EH-TW4400 successfully picks out detail in darker movie scenes or shaded areas of an image. It also has a wide colour palette, which brings outdoor, bright and colourful scenes to life, but not at the expense of murkier scenes.

In addition to this selling point, it offers high definition picture quality and has successfully used its frame insertion circuitry to reduce the blur and jerkiness that sometimes affects Blu-ray images.

The projector’s 1-2.1 zoom lens is manually adjustable through switches on the top of the box. This allows users to position the device anywhere they choose.

There are also a generous selection of in and out ports, including some HDMI ports, a PC connection, S-video and Composite video, as well as Component video ports.

This £2,000 projector is for serious home cinema fans with space to really enjoy this fantastic device. Reviewers agree that it provides pin-sharp images and effective high definition to boot.