On the 18 September a fortunate few will be sitting nervously in the stands of Twickenham waiting for the starting whistle to blow on The Rugby World Cup 2015.

Not one of the lucky ones? Don’t worry, while your living room will never quite match the atmosphere of a stadium, with the help of a projector and a few fellow rugby fans, it can come close.

So to help you enjoy the Rugby World Cup from the comfort of your sofa, we’ve rounded up some of the best projectors for screening sporting events.


Want to enjoy the action on a big screen, but limited by space? No problem. Thanks to an extensive range of home cinema projectors, you don’t have to have a huge space - or a huge budget - to enjoy the match. In fact, home cinema projectors produce the best value in big screen viewing. With a much lower cost-per-inch compared to flat screens, your new projector will give you far more bang for your buck.

Home cinema units really are the way to go for screening sports, as they have better video processing capabilities and provide higher ratios than business projectors. Also, like theEpson EH-TW6600, they can come at a very affordable price. This Full HD projector uses 3LCD technology and 2,500 lumens brightness, which translates into spectacularly bright and sharp images - perfect for enjoying the tournament.


When it comes to projectors, there’s never such a thing as too much choice. Budgets, room sizes and lighting conditions all play a part in determining the perfect projector for the job, but luckily there are enough exceptional all-rounders on the market to make our decision a little easier.

The Sony HW40ES is one such projector. Featuring a lens shift, a large 1.6X optical zoom and SXRD display technology, the Sony HW40ES offers some really high-end features at an affordable price. This means that while it’s ideal for screening sports, it will also have a life after the tournament. After all, your new projector isn’t just for sports, you can use it to watch movies and concerts, get some friends over for a gaming evening, or use it as an excuse to throw an outdoor movie party.

High End

If you’re looking to ramp up your rugby party with truly unbeatable projection, look no further than the Optoma EH501 projector. With a brightness of 5000 lumens, Full HD resolution and a strong optical zoom, you’ll probably have a better view of the pitch than if you were at the match.

But projectors don’t just have to be for parties. Permanent projector installations are a great way to pull in the punters at a pub or sports bar. However, they do bring come with their own set of considerations, including how to protect the devices from contamination from dust, maintenance costs and lighting conditions. For some tips on choosing the best set-up for your business, check out our advice section on pub projectors.