The camaraderie of a live game is unbeatable. While some may visit the pub because certain key fixtures are only screened on subscription-only channels, others are simply drawn by the experience of watching sports with their friends at their favourite pub or bar.


The atmosphere of a live fixture at a pub or bar, spent in the company of other avid fans, is hard to describe to the uninitiated, and only really compares to physically standing in the bleachers at a tournament or contest. But if you’re reading this article and have run a pub or bar for any significant amount of time, you know all this already.


We’re here to help you choose the best projector to give your customers a fantastic experience and atmosphere. So read on for a list of the best projectors for pubs and bars in 2022 as well as a quick roundup of the top features you need to consider to make the best choice. 


A big year in sport


First, just a quick reminder that 2022 is set to be a BIG year in sport, with the biggest event, the Football World Cup wrapping up the year … here are some of the top sports events in 2022. 


7–10 April: Golf – The Masters, Augusta

9 April: Horse Racing – Grand National, Aintree 

April 16–May 2: Snooker – Snooker World Championships, Crucible, Sheffield

May 12-23: Athletics – South-East Asian Games, Hanoi

14 May: Football – FA Cup Final, Wembley

19–22 May: Golf – US PGA, Tulsa

28 May: Football – Champions League Final, Stade de France

2 June12 September: Cricket – England vs New Zealand, India and South Africa

27 June–10 July: Tennis – Wimbledon, UK

3 July: Formula 1 – British Grand Prix, Silverstone

6–31 July: Football – Women's Euro 2022, UK 

1417 July: Golf The Open, The Old Course, St Andrews

28 July8 August: Athletics Commonwealth Games, Birmingham

8 Oct12 Nov: Rugby Union Women's World Cup, New Zealand

17 Oct14 Nov: Cricket Men's T20 World Cup, Australia

21 Nov18 Dec: Football World Cup, Qatar

As you can see this year, there’s already been a tonne of important events taking place and as better weather comes our way, there’s so much more to follow. Whether your punters are into the tennis at Wimbledon, the Grand Prix at Silverstone or the Football World Cup this Christmas season, you’ll want to make sure you’re offering a crystal-clear image of these blockbuster sporting events that your punters deserve.


Key features for pub and bar projectors


The expectations of most pub goers have changed over the last few years. Large high-definition TVs are a fixture in many homes with impressive sound systems installed. To get them off the sofa and into your bar, you’ll need to offer your guests an experience they can’t get at home. 


We’ve outlined the major features you need to prioritise if you’re hoping to draw in the crowds with the best projector for sports bars or pub projectors 2022, so keep on reading.




A minimum of 3,000 lumens brightness is necessary for a 2.5m widescreen. That’s just a fact. Anything less and you risk dim images that can’t compete with any ambient lighting from windows or entrances, of course natural light is welcomed in a pub, so it’s not like you can just close the curtains! Larger screens will require more brightness to ensure that the image quality is as clear as it needs to be for those all-important sporting occasions, which often attract capacity crowds.


Taking the brightness output to over 5,000 lumens is a wise move if you’re projecting in a space with multiple windows, skylights or in any kind of outdoor or marquee setting; think the summer sporting season. Here, natural light will filter through and dilute the contrast of your images, putting off viewers. For more on brightness requirements for different settings, take a look at how bright your projector should be.


Good video performance (and HD resolution)


All the models recommended in this article are chosen for their delivery of stellar video performance. This is essential when it comes to projecting sporting events where rapid motion and fast-changing angles are so abundant. Without high quality images, your guests will head for the nearest pub or bar from yours. Having a high resolution plays a large part in securing this capability, offering more pixels per square inch, letting your customers really focus in on the details that matter.




Pubs and bars come in all shapes and sizes. You may manage a standard high street pub with plenty of wall space for a decent sized projector screen, or you may be in a quirky conversion with several pillars and unmovable features that could block viewers from seeing the screen.


To negotiate awkward spaces, having decent horizontal and vertical lens shift capability is important; this will let you reposition the lens within the projector housing, which means that the projector can be sat off-centre (left, right, up or down from the screen) and still project a square image without having to resort to keystone correction – which affects the clarity.




Most projectors these days are stacked with a huge range of functionality, in terms of connectivity and cables. The crucial thing is that you can connect things like Sky or Freeview to your projector with ease, or you may also want to live stream from a computer.


This list of our favourite projectors for live sport features devices that are more than capable of delivering the functionality you need. If you want to explore more about overall functionality – perhaps if your bar doubles as a meeting or event space on certain nights – then check out our advice guide on cables and connections or speak to one of our friendly staff for more information.


Finally, we believe that models that now come with HDBaseT input connectivity offer a great advantage to certain bars and pubs that need extremely high-quality content over a longer cable distance, with minimal fuss. This massively reduces the cost and complications that come with installation and remove the need for maintenance during a tense moment in the big game.




This isn’t always a must, but if you want your projector to power through for as long as possible after you install it, laser is the way to go. You’ll essentially be getting greater reliability and lower maintenance requirements compared to standard bulb projectors. If you want to learn more about the bulb vs laser argument, don’t hesitate to ask. We love breaking it down for our customers. So, without further ado, read on for our top 5 best projectors for pubs and bars! If you're looking for something a little different, our experts have provided a full round up here.


Best budget pub and bar projector


Epson EB-FH52


Price: £551.00 + VAT 


  • 4,000 Lumens brightness
  • 1080p resolution
  • Lamp life 12,000 hours’ use in Eco mode
  • Contrast ratio of 16,000:1
  • 3 Years Return to Base warranty

This budget projector is suitable for pubs and bars that don’t have a vast sum to

splash on a projector. With a mid-range to high brightness level of 4,000 Lumens it 

can be relied on to deliver crisp and clear footage of the big game. Reliable, the

Epson EB-FH52 won’t let you down, 3LCD technology means no need to fuss,

keeping maintenance to a minimum, leaving your punters to enjoy the best sport of

2022 and beyond.

Check out the Epson EB-FH52 projector 


Best projectors for brighter pubs and bars  


BenQ SH753+

Price: £822 + VAT


  • 5,000 Lumens brightness
  • 1080p resolution
  • 3 Years Onsite Swap Out warranty

With an unbeatable price to spec ratio, this is our most popular seller. The BenQ SH753+ offers powerful projection performance and high integration flexibility. Delivering superior brightness levels for dimly light environments, this projector is ideal for showcasing sports events taking place in the afternoon and evening. The SH753+ can smoothly integrate into existing centrally managed display infrastructures and provides additional versatility through a wide range of wireless projection options.

Check out the BenQ SH753



Optoma ZH506e

Price: £1,547 + VAT


  • 5,500 ANSI Lumens
  • 1920x1080 (Full HD) Resolution
  • 2 Years Return to Base Warranty (Projector)
  • Laser Light Source
  • DLP Display Technology 

The Optoma ZH506e comes in at a higher price point than the previous models

we’ve recommended. Utilising a laser light source, this projector delivers high performance and longer-life laser technology which requires very little maintenance.

And with an improved brightness level, it will suit pubs with a lot of natural light. The

ZH506e is also suitable for tricky installation spaces. With vertical lens shift it

provides a wider range of projector placement possibilities. This makes it easier to position the projector in your room and enables a wider range of screen size options.


Check out the Optoma ZH506e


Best projector for performance

Epson EB-L630U

Price: £2,252 + VAT

  • 6,200 ANSI Lumens
  • 1920x1200 (WUXGA) Resolution
  • Laser light source
  • 20,000 hours’ use
  • 3 Years Return to Base warranty

The Epson EB-L630U takes things up a notch performance wise, featuring an impressively bright 6,200 ANSI lumens, native widescreen high definition WUXGA resolution (1920 x 1200 pixels, 16:10 aspect ratio), LCD display for colour accurate images and a laser light source for up to 20,000 hours’ use.

For sports pubs or bars which screen sports events regularly, the EB-L630U won’t let you or your guests down.


Check out the Epson EB-L630U 


Epson EB-L730U

Price: £2,899 + VAT


  • 7,000 Lumens brightness
  • WUXGA resolution
  • Laser light source for 20,000 hours’ use
  • 3 Years Return to Base warranty

This projector is a premium option for pubs and bars which are renowned for live sports. Reward fanatic fans with brighter, more engaging and impactful displays even in brightly-lit environments, thanks to the EB-L730U’s 7,000 Lumens display.

Have an intricate layout with few placement options? Don’t worry, this model offers brighter, more engaging and impactful displays even in brightly-lit environments. And for that wide screen match day experience, the EB-L730U is capable of throwing up to 500-inch displays, without any reduction in clarity or vivid detail!

Give them what they want!


Here’s some final advice when it comes to buying the best projector for a pub, bar or any other kind of social establishment. Firstly, don’t lose sight of the fact that sports fans should be front and centre of any of your major investments when it comes to pub upgrades if mass market is your aim.


Secondly, a great projector is a good place to start, but don’t forget to factor in the extras. Decent seating, space for people to stand and watch and a good quality projector screen can all enhance the overall watching experience.


Lastly, remember that as a pub or sports bar that shows live screenings, you’re always up against the competition, whether it’s the live matches themselves, better home cinema experiences, or even the bar across the road. If you let yourself fall behind, you’re doing so at your own peril!


If you’re in need of any more guidance on this topic, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at ProjectorPoint by giving us a call on 0800 073 0833 or filling in our contact form.