Large spaces need projectors that can shine more light over more space onto bigger screens to reach more people. So if you’re looking to pull off an engaging and impactful conference, lecture or meeting, you’re going to need the right technology for the job.

Here’s a look at some of the challenges of projectors in large spaces and our recommendations for the best technology to overcome them.

The challenges

As well as the need to send brighter, more powerful images over a greater distance, there are a few other challenges for projectors in large spaces.

In general, the projector screen in a conference room is a lot bigger than the one in your office. This means that for the same amount of pixels to fill a larger amount of space, they’re going to have to be magnified. Of course, the bigger the pixels, the less defined the resolution becomes – so it’s particularly important in these circumstances to insure that you’ve got enough pixels in the first place to take the strain.

Obviously a projector with a high resolution will help here. A 1920x1080 Full HD projector might look sharp on a smaller screen space, but on a large screen, you’ll need something more. So here’s a look at your options and our recommendations for the best projectors for a large space.

BenQ LU9235

This entry level (by large-venue standards) BenQ projector is a fantastic example of just how far technology has come, and just how much you can get for your money. This projector features WUXGA resolution (widescreen ultra-extended graphics array) offering a resolution of 1920x1200px, and 6,000 lumens for excellent brightness levels that exceed expectation for this budget.

The BenQ LU9235 will produce images of up to 3m diagonal in areas of high natural light. In lower lit areas, it can even exceed this while maintaining a crisp image – but if you want a larger image in a bright area, you might need to take things up a level.

BenQ LK970

The BenQ LK970 projector features 4K resolution at 3840x2160px, that’s some serious definition. This projector is perfectly optimised for all the challenges that you could face working in a large room, and will display stunning, crisp images, even in areas of high brightness.

Complete with 5,000 lumens and a lamp life of over 20,000 hours, this projector is quickly proving to be a must have in conference rooms and boardrooms.

Barco F80

Finally, the Barco F80 is, quite simply, one of the finest projectors for a large space that money can buy. Featuring a stunning brightness level of 7,000 lumens, this remarkable piece of technology is perfect for that meeting or event that, not only wants a projector that works well, but also one that impresses. In short, this says to your clients and colleagues that you mean business.

The model also has a sophisticated anti-dust contamination system – which is particularly useful in large spaces where the projector is difficult to access and maintain. Traditional projectors use an internal filtration system, which requires regular maintenance and upkeep. With the Barco F80, dust is simply blown straight through the device without any need for filtration.

The model is designed to be installed in particularly large spaces such as museums, board rooms or even auditoriums. It's also 3D compatible.

Whatever the needs of your individual room or venue, you can be sure that Projectorpoint have a projector here that will suit your requirements. Since 2001, we’ve sold over 50,000 projectors and we’re the UK’s number one projector experts If you want to have a look over our full range of large venue projection technology, browse the complete collection here.