If you want the image quality of your office presentations to be more than mediocre this year, you should probably consider investing in a new laser projector. In short, they’re the best way to guarantee amazing quality images with minimal maintenance.

Finding the best projector doesn’t always mean buying the most expensive model you can find though. That’s why we’ve collected some of the best office projectors on the market today that fit a number of budgets and requirements.

From the no-nonsense Hitachi LP-EU5002 to the BenQ LK952, which is absolutely awesome on big screens, take a look at our best meeting room laser projectors for 2019.

Why should I invest in a laser projector for my meeting room?

When you choose a laser projector, the higher price you pay comes with added reliability and lower maintenance requirements. It won’t live forever, but it will certainly last a lot longer than a lamp-based projector before you have to perform some form of maintenance or repair.

As for brightness and accuracy, laser light sources offer greater colour accuracy and sharper clarity of focus. So, we’re looking at sharper images and better colours basically.

For more on the difference between laser projectors and lamp projectors take a look at our useful advice guide to laser projectors from Projectorpoint.


The Best Budget Projector

Hitachi LP-EU5002E

Our best budget projector choice is the Hitachi LP-EU5002E. We love this choice as it offers one of the simplest plug-and-play experiences in its category. The spec it comes with also makes it suitable for most office needs.

It doesn’t come with lens shift functionality or HDBaseT compatibility, but the substantially lower price at £1,845 ex VAT makes it a pretty good choice for most businesses with meeting rooms or event spaces.


The Best Value Projector

BenQ LU951

When it comes to the best value meeting room projector, we’ve gone with the BenQ LU951. Not only does it over great lens shift functionality and HDBaseT functionality, allowing for hassle-free and reduced cost installation of longer cable lengths, but it’s generally a very decent-performing all-rounder.

Essentially, it offers many of the benefits of the Hitachi LP-EU5002, but is more flexible when it comes to meeting room projector setups – and all this for just £2,012.00 ex VAT. Not too bad at all!


The Best Performance Projector

Epson EB-L610U

For overall best performance, we love the Epson EB-L610U that comes in at £2,847 ex VAT. It’s a significant jump up in price from the other two, but it also comes packed with a lot more features, including 6,000 lumens… yes, that’s a lot of brightness. But chances are, if you’re looking at a big screen or using it in a bright meeting room with lots of natural light – you’ll need them!

And when combined with the fact that it’s 3LCD which (in our opinion, at this price point) offers greater image quality and colour brightness output, this is a huge deal. You can really tell the difference when compared with a 5,000-lumen DLP-power laser projector.

This is a perfect choice for large screens, brighter meeting rooms or locations where ambient light cannot be controlled.


The Best Investment Projector


While this is a step down in brightness from the Epson EB-L610, the NEC P525UL does come with 3LCD as well as 4K and HDBaseT compatibility. Also, it’s only £2,345.00, which is around £500 cheaper than the Epson!

The reason this is the best investment choice on our list of best meeting room projectors is that it comes packed with features that add a certain amount of future-proofing.

As well being able to receive 4K signals it is also filter-less and offers exceptional image quality with admirable lens shift capabilities.

This will keep your projector in the game for many years to come and offer that all-important install flexibility so you can use it in your current setup or in other meeting rooms in future that might not allow such a simple placement of your device.


The Best 4K (UHD) Resolution Projector

BenQ LK952

Top of the range in our list of the best office laser projectors this year is the BenQ LK952; our choice for the best 4K (UHD) resolution business projector.

The 4K UHD upscaling resolution of this model allows you to produce 3,840 x 2,160 pixels, which is four times that of 1080 resolution! This means, dependent on your screen size, you’ve got a huge pixels per inch (PPI) density and ultimately sharper, brighter and crisper images.

At £4,495 ex VAT, this admittedly isn’t for offices with smaller budgets. But if you need to fill a large screen with amazing images that don’t compromise in any way on quality, the BenQ LK952 may be the business projector for you.


What’s wrong with lamp projectors anyway?


Finally a quick note on why we’re such big advocates of laser technology. While the cost of replacing a projector lamp is generally falling, they can still be a substantial sum, ranging from £150 to £400 (or more). And even without considering the cost, actually finding the right model and supplier can be a real hassle.

You might be lucky if your original projector dealer has a stock of projector lamps (which we do by the way, you can find our range of projector lamps here).

But equally you could be hunting down replacements for a while and you then have the downtime for the replacement itself which not all businesses can facilitate.

Also, who is actually going to replace the lamp?

Even if someone in the office has the technical know-how, the job may involve detaching the machine from the ceiling or a wall mount placed high-up on the wall by a contractor and it might need to be done out of hours if the device is used constantly during the day. Basically, it’s quite a bit more complicated than it first looks. It can also get expensive for engineer call outs!

We’re not saying that lamp projectors aren’t worth buying.

On the contrary, there are some incredibly powerful and versatile models out there that also offer very long life-spans. We’re just letting you know that at some point down the line, you’ll need to factor in repairs and maintenance costs sooner than with a laser projector. And I’m sure you’ll agree that the longer your business can put this off, the better!


The right choice for you

All of the choices in this list offer the same advantages of a laser projector, but some may be more suited to your specific needs or budget than others. If you need more advice, support or just want to browse the many other projectors on the market today, get in touch with Projectorpoint.

Simply give us a call on 0800 073 0833, fill in our online contact form or drop by and we’ll do our very best to help you.