Once upon a time, 1080p Full HD held the prestigious place as the pinnacle of projector resolution. But technology has advanced to such a point in the last decade that for most business requirements, 1080p is the new entry point.

For your team, this means Full HD 1080p projectors are available for cheaper, while the technology and image quality continues to improve, for example with the introduction of brighter and even laser light source devices at ever-lower price points. All these advances mean that some businesses have been left spoilt for choice.

If your business or team revolves around visual content, whether that’s video, graphics or design and you’ve not levelled up to 1080p, now is the time. Read on for a quick look at the specifications that matter and our pick of the very best Full HD 1080p, 5,000 Lumens-plus projectors.

Bright enough for your needs

We can’t emphasise enough the importance of brightness when considering which projector is best for your needs. Yes resolution matters, but if your image is washed out you just won’t see the benefit.

The issue arises because not every business has the luxury of office space that guarantees a good spot free from glare or ambient light of some kind, whether it’s from a window you can’t block out or lights you can’t turn off or down.

Low ambient light is easily-overcome with projectors at 3,000 Lumens brightness. But given the vast improvement and the financial accessibility of the technology, if your business depends on collaboration, meetings and visual content, it’s worth going that bit further up to the 5,000 Lumens range. At this point, it’s unlikely that ambient light is going to be on your radar.

Remember, even with the right resolution and brightness levels for your space, you’ll still have difficulty displaying a crisp image without a projector screen. So if you’re considering investing in a new projector, make sure you invest in the proper projector screen as well to keep your content crystal clear.


Contrasting qualities

Now you know what’s required from a good office projector when it comes to brightness, contrast is something to think long and hard about. The two are closely connected, but you will still get a great deal of variation here and it can make a massive difference in the results for some types of content.

Take the architecture profession. Architecture studios regularly produce multi-dimensional models of planned builds or even classic blueprints that everyone needs clear oversight on. It’s a line of work that relies on having an eye for detail, not just from one angle, but from every conceivable angle.

Low-contrast images simply don’t wash when you need everyone in the room to see that all-important faint grey line that just so happens to hold up the entire building.

Gone are the days of producing content that just about gets you over the line here.

Higher contrast projectors mean teams can expect clearer images and richer colours, in both darkness and light. With some incredible laser projectors in the market in 2019, we’re talking contrast that could trick your eye into making you think a 3D model is a real thing, with the accurate and bright colours and the darkest blacks.

So which devices tick the boxes when it comes to crisp, bright images?

You’ve got a lot of choices but there are two models that stand out to such an extent that we’re giving them all the limelight here.

The feature-packed BenQ MH760

Price: £875 (Excl. VAT)

First up is the surprisingly affordable BenQ MH760. Not only does it offer Full HD 1080p resolution for well under the. £1,000 mark, it’s also a high brightness device with DLP display technology.

  • 5,000 Lumens brightness
  • 1920 x 1080 (Full HD Resolution)
  • DLP display technology
  • 3,000:1 contrast ratio
  • Vertical lens shift - aids installation

Think of it as the starting point for offices with high brightness requirements, but with a whole lot more than entry-level features on offer. One of our favourite features is the vertical lens shift, which can negate a range of installation sins.

Whether you’re constricted by a small or awkward space or simply facing up to the fact that mistakes happen during installation, vertical lens shift means you can move the lens within the projector chassis itself to get the projected image perfectly aligned with your projector screen without having to reinstall the entire unit or use artificial means of changing the image, like keystone correction which reduces the number of pixels being used to display your work.


The high-contrast, laser light source BenQ LH770

Price: £1,694 (Excl. VAT)

Jumping up a notch, we have the BenQ LH770. The big difference of note between the MH760 and the LH770 is the enormous improvement in the contrast ratio on the latter device.

Thanks to its laser light source, the BenQ LH770 has an incredible 20,000:1 contrast ratio. That means blacker blacks, more vibrant colours and no chance of any fainter lines and intricate details being lost in the projection.

  • Laser-light source/DLP display technology
  • 5,000 Lumens brightness
  • 1920 x 1080 (Full HD resolution)
  • 20,000 hours’ lamp life
  • 20,000:1 contrast - light-years ahead of conventional lamp-based projectors

This not only boosts contrast for your content, but it also makes for an even more efficient projector, in need of less maintenance. No more losing time (as it starts instantly) and money on a projector that requires frequent and costly lamp replacement. With a laser light source, you’ll forget the old worries of fading images and expensive bulbs.

With exceptionally-high contrast, the LH770 is hands-down our top pick in the 5,000 Lumens Full HD office projector range. Dark colours become rich, inky shapes with definitive edges, and content becomes richer and more vibrant. The step-up to the LH770 is like stepping from sepia into full-colour.


If you want to talk to a professional to find out which is the best projector for your business, contact us today. Our team is always happy to help and we look forward to helping with any enquiry about finding the projector that suits your needs.